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Tooth Decay 

There are four words a dentist may say that can strike fear in the hearts of most kids – “You have a cavity.” Not only kids, but quite a few young and older adults don’t like the idea of fixing a cavity. Then again, who wants to have a permanently damaged tooth with a hole in it? Cavities are not inevitable, you know… like death and taxes. The trick is to stop a cavity before it starts.


You may not have any noticeable symptoms that a cavity is beginning. Hit and miss or lack of daily brushing and flossing can result in a chain reaction of things you don’t want to happen. Bacteria and acids from plaque can collect in a tooth crevice and the infection begins rotting away your tooth, resulting in a hole or cavity.


At Autumn Dental of Mokena we don’t rush into a “drill and fill” routine. Our team of dentists and clinicians will take the time to explain why a cavity can form in the first place. Many times your lifestyle or genetics can contribute to bacterial growth. Dietary considerations can come into play, such as regularly eating sweets or sipping sugary drinks.


Bacteria love sticky sweet stuff that cling to teeth and gums. Untreated tooth decay continues over time leading to more problems such as the need for root canals due to cavities reaching the nerve. At Autumn Dental of Mokena, we’re all about proper same day diagnosis, quality treatment and a daily maintenance plan to help eliminate cavities and tooth decay once and for all.

Cavities and tooth decay are one of the most common health disorders in the U.S. - 2nd to the common cold.


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